• 1999 MBO MBO-T-45-44X FOLDERS

    No price - Würselen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: MBO

    t- ood-condition, new main- motor, new delivery-band, partly new belts and some spare-parts fqwqtu3slhi

  • MBO K76/4KZ (2002)

    No price - Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: MBO

    technical description: important: mbo k76/4kz flat pile feeder fp76/120, delivery sbap 46 me, z2 mobile folding knife located: europe western current state: in production available: immediately pri...

  • 2000 MBO T530 6RS

    No price - Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: MBO

    machine with rapiset, 6 pockets, mbo sbap46 me & round pile feeder machine is in good condition and very powerful the office space is needed offer is subject to change net site and immediately avai...

  • 1999 MBO SF 56

    No price - France Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: MBO

    foldsealing, sewing machine mbo "siegel" folding machine, for production of 8-, 12-, 16-, 24-and 32-pages siegel"-fold for brochures and books, sizes: infeed -w x l max. 56 x 50 cm, min.18 x 14,5 c...

  • MBO K100

    No price - Colomars, France
    • Manufacturer: MBO

    equipments: upon request

  • MBO T49

    No price - North America
    • Manufacturer: MBO

    4/4 continuous feed country: canada

  • 2001 MBO MBO-K-76-4 FOLDERS

    No price - Würselen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: MBO

    mbo-kombi-folder k76/4kl, mbo-stream-delivery, mbo-crossfold-unit, mbo-standingsheet-deliv. retrofit in may-2015: new rollers and bearings ftt7s8rujca

  • MBO K820-4SKTLT (1995)

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: MBO

    technical description: with following components: round pile feeder r 820 fabr. nr. 44950901 / serial nr. 951115974 mpc-control inclusvie multifunctional preselection counter and sheet distance opt...

  • 1998 MBO T500/4X

    No price - Colomars, France
    • Manufacturer: MBO

    equipments: pile feeder | disponibility: available

  • MBO T530/4R (2001)

    No price - France
    • Manufacturer: MBO

    technical description: rotary feeder batch counter 4 buckles a56 belt delivery (2004) compressor located: europe western current state: in stock available: immediately price: incoterms: contact dea...