• Falzköpfe

    • Manufacturer: Leitz, Oppold, Guhdo,

      1 piece indexable seaming head z2, v4 make: leitz 125 x 30 x 30 eur: 50,00 1 piece indexable seaming head z2, v4 make: oppold 132 x 45 x 30 eur 30.00 1 piece indexable seaming head z2, v4 make: guhdo 125 x 50 x 3...

      No price
      North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Used 15HP Hydraulic Power Pack

          pump type: pfe 31028 vane. 10.5 gallon per minute @ 100psi. drive: 208-230/460 volt, 1740rpm, 60hz, 3 phase.

          Millwood, WV, USA
        • 2003 PFE Automailer 2

          • Manufacturer: PFE

            with 2x is, omr, ebd 7210, pc control and slat conveyor kuvertierssystem for up to 100 000 letters per month extensive features: individually controlled form feeder (selective collection), on the sorting out of n...

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            Dabergotz, Germany
          • 127' x 24' x 6', Quicksilver, No. Q13053, 5-axis, new 2012, built to machine molds for Wind Generator blades. Can reconfigure with 1 year warranty.

            • Manufacturer: SEC
            • Power: 370 Nm (YOUR CHOICE)

            one like new quicksilver 5- axis, 6 sided machining capable, traveling column gantry type vmc, modularly designed for expansion or reduction machine was used to machine carbon fiber 30-40 meter wind generator bla...

            No price
            Lake Villa, IL, USA
          • Ganner KG Gannomat KR-800

            • Manufacturer: Ganner

              sell ​​a dã¼belbohrlochnaschine, which was replaced due to a new purchase. the machine was worked until the end july 2014 specifications:-max passage width 800mm -max workpiece thickness 80mm setting area 5-25mm ...

              Baden-Württemberg, Germany
            • 2000 Constantin Hang 3-fach-Bohrungen fuer Filofax

              • Manufacturer: Hang

                paper drilling machines for hillside series 114-xxx 2 cars sonderbohrkã¶pfe for 3-way holes of special perforation for filofax taschenkalendarien

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                Dabergotz, Germany
              • Bostitch 9038 M

                • Manufacturer: Bostitch

                  10 refurbished wire stitching heads for saddle stitchers, collators, calendars lines pfã¤ffle, bourg, harris, ehlermann, am graphics, sheridan for sale including 2 ringã¶senkã¶pfe bj. 2003 is as new !! 4 normalhe...

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                  Dabergotz, Germany
                • 2006 Scania R-serie

                  • Manufacturer: Scania
                  • Model: R-SERIE
                  • Suspension: Air-air

                  lisähinnasta mahd. myös kuvassa olevaan vm. 1977 lavettikärryyn rek. no pfe-127. service in english: ... & ... خدمة باللغة العربية ... the price includes only the truck, carriage trailer is also available if needed!

                  Vantaa, Finland