• TEA Therma Engineering 30" Vibratory Screener Separator

    • Manufacturer: TEA

      tea 30" diameter screener, sifter, separator, stainless steel decks and top cover, nice shape stock number: dpm-1801

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      Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
    • Ice Tea/Water Bottle Filling Line, 4,000 Bottles Per Hour, CIP

      • Manufacturer: ICE

        1-used automatic liquid filling line last used for bottling ice tea and water.  rated up to 4,000 bottles per hour (66 bottles per minute).  line last filling 8 oz. through 1 liter size containers.  this cip line...

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        Bohemia, NY, USA
      • Light Industrial pack. Machine Vffs for tea type products #4132

        • Manufacturer: Light Industrial pack. Machine

          this unit comes with a volumetric filler. final product size, pouch, 75 mm x 110 mm

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          Québec, Canada
        • Lasertechnics Blaser 6000/SJ Tea Carbon Dioxide Laser Coder 6735

          • Manufacturer: Coder

            one used lasertechnics blaser 6000/sj tea carbon dioxide laser coder w/2 heads with two wave guides and heads. water chiller. stand. 110 volts. part of bulk bid lot 2424. # 0870 2445-2468

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            Los Angeles, CA, USA
          • IMA C55

            • Manufacturer: ima

              1-used ima model c55 tea bagging machine.  rated up to 450 bags per minute, machine is set for 55mm x 66mm single chamber tea bag.  machine automatically applies string and tag and is equipped with carton erector...

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              Bohemia, NY, USA
            • Coffee Tea Remover ETOLIT Tea Cleaner # 70689

                  coffee tea remover etolit teeka cleaner, 12 containers in carton

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                • Modern Process model 77 Coffee Grinder - 78664

                      modern process model 77 coffee grinder - with dc power feeder - standard rolls to make filter coffee - 3 phase, 60 cycle, 575 volts - head no#: h1319/f1319/f1164. exchanged in 2008 and stopped using machine in 20...

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                      Harrison, NY, USA
                    • Modern Process model 777 Coffee Grinder - 78663

                          modern process model 777 coffee grinder - with dc power feeder - standard rolls to make filter coffee - 10 hp, 3 phase, 60 cycle, 575 volts - head #s: f587/b1230/b888 - heads exchanged in 2004. used through 2011.

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                          Harrison, NY, USA
                        • SCOTTI TEA 250

                          • Manufacturer: SCOTTI

                            continuos rotary table - ø 250 mm. - d.c. motor - max speed 15 rpm - max weight appliance - vertical cantilivered kg.100 - max weight appliance - horizontal kg.250

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                            Collegno, Italy
                          • Pink Tea Tea and Sardinian Travertine

                                lot 1675 no. 11 plates pink tea 230x175x2, no. 4 plates sardo travertine 205x150x2, no. 2 plates caesar brown 240x150x4 the quantities are to be considered as indicative. an on-site inspection is recommended.

                                Faenza, Italy