• 1997 Vimercati PHS 200-3050 Press brake

    No price - Winterswijk, Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Vimercati

    vimercati hydraulic press brake phs working width 3050 mm max pressing force 200 tons cybelec control dnc 80 controlled y1 y2 x and r axis hinteranschlag carried out with 5 stop finger hydraulic cr...

  • Guillotine Vimercati CSI 3050/6

    $55,176 - Jelenia Góra, Poland

      guillotine vimercati csi 3050/6 mm they were produced in italy in 2006. the machine is equipped with nc control and table odkładczy. technical parameters scissors vimercati csi 3050/6 mm: maximum t...

    • Hydraulic guillotine shears NGH 6

      $6,477 - Jelenia Góra, Poland

        hydraulic guillotine shears ngh 6 built by fpa- warsaw in 1995. characteristic parameters: - the largest sheet thickness: 6.3 mm - cutting length: 3100 mm - the distance between the walls of the bo...

      • SHEAR SHEAR 2500 X 8

        $5,997 - Jelenia Góra, Poland
          • Size: approx. 300x300 cm

          guillotine 2500 x 8 produced in 1982 in germany. technical data : - cut-sheet: 8 mm - maximum sheet width: 250 cm - size: approx. 300x300 cm see also our guillotine current offer: line cutting line...

        • SHEAR SHEAR H 3222

          $8,156 - Jelenia Góra, Poland

            guillotine h 3222 produced in 1987 by kutznetsk prasonożyceowe ussr. crank sheet metal shears with knife inclined 16 x 3150 mm are used for cutting metal in the form of a rectilinear and flat plate...


            $32,386 - Jelenia Góra, Poland

              the line for straightening and cutting of sheet it allows you to work in automatic cycle. the line is equipped with a controller for programming the duration and amount of cut sheets. technical par...

            • Guillotine UNIVERSAL NU-13

              $1,437 - Jelenia Góra, Poland

                guillotine universal nu-13 . scissors can be used to cut round bars, square bars, flat bars and sections. technical parameters scissors nu 13 : - maximum diameter of the shaft of cut: 38 mm - maxim...


                No price - Jelenia Góra, Poland

                  the line for cutting sheet metal julius for longitudinal and transverse cutting sheet metal, it was produced in 1980. the set includes 3 additional sets of knives and sleeves. technical parameters ...

                • HYDRAULIC punching THE CORNER HACO VARI 220/6

                  $5,997 - Jelenia Góra, Poland
                  • Manufacturer: Haco
                  • Size: 940 x 1020 mm

                  hydraulic punching the corners haco vari 220/6 it was produced in 2006. the machine has a hydraulic cylinder. it enables cutting corners with an angle of 30-140 degrees. it has automatic adjustment...

                • Hydraulic guillotine shears QC11Y-16X2500

                  $18,951 - Jelenia Góra, Poland

                    hydraulic guillotine qc11y-16x2500 they were produced in 2014. the machine is completely new and has never been used. after shipping was recommissioned and was not used. the pictures show disconnec...