• Maweg xxx

    No price
    • Manufacturer: Maweg

    hydraulic frame press with four stamps. wee08 press size 3000 x 1800 mm. total height 2400 mm. the advertisement was translated automatically and some translation errors may have occurred.

  • Frame press Maweg (hydraulisch) unknown.

    $1,057 - Ehingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Maweg

    pressing length approx. 3000 mm clamping height approx. 2000 mm travel: manual lifting cylinder from above: 3 lifting cylinder sideways: 2 additional clamping plates electrical connection approx. 2 kw

  • 1984 Frame press Maweg (hydraulic) Quickomat

    $2,449 - Ehingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Maweg

    press length approx. 3500 mm clamping height approx. 2500 mm external dimensions l x w x h approx. 4600 x 1150 x 3500 mm travel: electric lifting cylinder from above: 3 lifting cylinder sideways: 2...

  • Maweg frame press type EURONOVA

    $4,398 - Gerolzhofen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Maweg

    heavy frame press used, top condition manufactured by  maweg type euronova cylinder horizontal 3 with counter weight compensation 2 x cylinder vertical 2 cylinder quick adjustment with hydraulic cl...

  • Maweg frame press type PRP

    $1,057 - Gerolzhofen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Maweg

    used, good condition manufactured by  maweg type prp cylinder horizontal 3 with weight compensation cylinder vertical 2 working width 3000 mm working height 2000 mm press depth 80 mm pneumatic requ...