• electric stacker L8V 1250-8 / 11

    $3,962 - Hobro, Denmark Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: BT Equipment
    • Capacity: 1250
    • Fuel: Electric

    bt electric stacker. type: l8v 1250-8 / 11th nominal capacity: 1250kg. building height: 1940mm. lifting height: 4150mm. fork length: 1150mm. weight: 1269kg. mast type: triplex mast.

  • Scratch Filter

    $2,161 - Hobro, Denmark

      fluid filter with scraper on chains. stainless.


      $1,368 - Hobro, Denmark

        rotorsigte, stainless steel. size of holes in sight: 5x5mm. total goals: length: 147cm. width: 57cm. height: 47cm.

      • Rapo. R1. Length 220cm.

        $1,152 - Hobro, Denmark

          rapo. r1. length: 220cm. width: 70cm. adjustable legs.

        • Rapo R8 Length 150cm.

          $648 - Hobro, Denmark

            rapo r8. length: 150cm. width: 80cm. height: 165cm.

          • Rapo R6 Length 185cm.

            $792 - Hobro, Denmark

              rapo r6. length: 185cm. width: 205cm. height: 94cm.

            • Stainless steel mixer with agitator, 300 liters.

              $2,809 - Hobro, Denmark

                stainless steel mixer with agitator at 300 liters, is tiltable. Ø: 70cm. depth: 80cm. total goals: length: 135cm. width: 150cm. height: 178cm. loss.

              • Rapo. R2. Length 476cm.

                $2,017 - Hobro, Denmark

                  rapo. r2. length: 476cm. width: 70cm. adjustable legs.

                • AIRTEC humidification plant

                  $5,475 - Hobro, Denmark

                    airtec humidification systems with reverse osmosis airtec plus, 7 pcs. hydrojet atomizer, 6 pcs. hydro trio atomizer. click on the photo for more photos.

                  • sterile bench

                    $2,882 - Hobro, Denmark

                      shimadzu sterile bench. type: 1.2. hours only 47th missing uv neon tubes.