• 2016 MAKAYA SPARE PARTS FOR CRUSHER & MACHİNERY stationary crushing plants

    No price - Izmir, Turkey

      division: recycling- / processing plants


      No price - Turkey
      • Manufacturer: MWM

      diesel engine mwm d234 v06 used machine for sale... 2 set complete mwm d234 v06 engines; have a gdy we ve 2 sets complete mwm d234 v06 engines at our stock enginew what used as gene set before. we ...

    • 1983 STORK WERKSPOOR 9 FHD 240 1395KW 900RPM

      No price - Turkey
      • Manufacturer: STORK WERKSPOOR

      stork werkspoor 9 fhd 240 1395kw 900rpm used machine have a gdy sir we ve complate engine stork werkspoor engine 9fhd 240 at our stock engine running is 16973hrs. 1395kw 900 rpm. if you require we ...

    • Deutz 6BA816

      No price - Turkey
      • Manufacturer: Deutz-Fahr

      deutz 6ba816 used machine engine, std cranksaft, complete

    • 1977 Deutz SBA 8M 528 Diesel engines

      No price - Turkey
      • Manufacturer: Deutz-Fahr

      diesel engines deutz sba 8m 528 used machine sale, 2 x deutz sba 8m 528 complete engine and new spare parts (bearing, liner, piston, rings, etc….) if you are interested, do not hesitate to call.