• Mueller 1250

    $4,500 - Smithville, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    comes with chart, compressor unit, agitator, wash system, controls , boumatic n53sco plate cooler sold separately

  • 2001 Mueller Mitteltal 1000

    $2,338 - Stara Dąbrowa, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    country: poland | division: farm equipment | attachments: refrigerator to milk 1000 l

  • Müller O-900 B750 Müller-Europa Tank 3740 liters stationary

    $7,209 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    müller- europa tank 3740 liters stationary with automatic washing machine buritronic, without cooling length: 2.9m width: 1.79m height: 1.86m

  • 2007 Buri-Müller O-300 B767 mobile 1250 liters

    $14,252 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    o-300 mobile 1250 liters with scroll cooling r407 c, new braking system, semi-automatic cleaning completely revised length. 3.03m width: 1.42m height: 1.3m

  • 2000 Buri-Müller RMES150 B774 mobile 575 liters

    $8,204 - Hottwil, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    buri-müller rmes 150 mobile with new brake system, completely revised, scroll unit, new control length: 2.8m width: 1.6m height: 1.25

  • Müller B722 2550 liter tank compact

    $12,778 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    o-600 müllertank 2550 liter compact, with new scroll unit, washing machine müllermatic, control kty length: 2.73m width: 1.54m height: 1.92m

  • Müller O-400 B658 1650l Tank stationary

    $8,452 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    stationary tank 1650l compact. with fully automatic laundry (with new laundry buritronic pulse 4000.-) coolant r404a dimensions: l: 2.8m, w: 1.28m, h: 1.10 filling height (height with cooling unit:...

  • Müller O-450 B729 1950 liter tank stationary

    $7,110 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    o-450 müllertank 1950liter stationary, without cooling, with washing machine buritronic length: 2.15m width: 1.53m height: 1.57m

  • 2012 Müller O-500 B 705 2150 liter tank compact

    $12,927 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    o-500 müllertank 2150liter compact, with scroll unit, semi-automatic cleaning, refrigerant r407c, control kty. surcharge 2000.- chf with buritronic light length: 2.4m width: 1.55m height: 1.85m

  • Müller O-400 MullerMilchtank 1660L B494 Milchtank

    $4,549 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    milchtank without cooling with automatic cleaning machine dn50 outlet valve, dead outlet, power supply 380v control defective, dimensions l: 2.95m w: 1.30m h: 1.45m