• Nokka PK-200

    $2,242 - Virrat, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Nokka
  • 1992 Nokka 29H

    $10,579 - Jyväskylä, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Nokka

    hakki 29 h wheel loader mv 91 trolley yokes. the dimension of 6.2 m, the cart carrying capacity 9 tons, saohjaus, head rack and three pairs of bunks

  • 2008 Nokka HK4372 HR

    $13,905 - Porvoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Nokka

    the crane was light work, and neatly kept. the hydraulic pilot control can be put closely to the tractor and remove the quick connector hoses control panel of the player, who is outside the cabin. ...

  • 1999 Nokka Profi 6WD hydro

    $45,176 - Ylitornio, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Nokka

    tracks and chains according to grapple keto 100, and this according to a box of spare parts and sharpening machine kuutioiva measuring device epec grapple recently replaced head module and puslitet...

  • 2013 Nokka Mv 615 2051

    $11,961 - Jalasjärvi, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Nokka
  • 1999 Nokka 3266H 92 METSÄKUORMAIN

    $10,267 - Finland
    • Manufacturer: Nokka

    country: finland | attachments: 3 pr charges height value hydr continued dimension 6.6m hydr support fields

  • 2016 Nokka EK 20 energiakoura

    $3,753 - Finland
    • Manufacturer: Nokka

    new unused energy basket. country: finland

  • 2010 Nokka HK 4469 H

    $12,978 - Porvoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Nokka

    the machine radio-controlled winch and gravel bucket. the outriggers cylinders are changed due to the new defective heads.

  • 2010 NOKKA EK 200 Felling grabs

    $4,815 - Schwarzenburg, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Nokka

    felling grabs top condition ready for use, incl rotating rotator endless also suitable for excavator attachment. please do not hesitate to contact us for further information

  • Nokka 2017 Forest Pro FL1042 and 106HD

    $14,834 - Kauhajoki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Nokka

    the cam forest pro fl the cam forest pro atv atv series will revolutionize forest pluggable package usability. metsäperävaunu package is quickly connectable atv or to any vehicle equipped with a tr...