• Applied Biosystems 3100 ABI refurbished

    $17,500 - Dudelange, Luxembourg
    • Manufacturer: Applied biosystems

    the abi prism® 3100 genetic analyzer, a multi-color fluorescence-based dna analysis system with 16 capillaries operating in parallel, offers high- ... read more

  • Applied Biosystems ABI 3130 - 4 caps Reconditioned DNA Sequencer

    $29,900 - Dudelange, Luxembourg
    • Manufacturer: Applied biosystems

    abi 3130, 4 capillaries, completely refurbsihed, with all accessories, new computer, flat screen, softwares: data collection, sequencing analysis, gen ... read more

  • ABI RT-PCR 7900 PRISM® 7900HT Sequence Detection System

    $15,000 - Dudelange, Luxembourg
    • Manufacturer: ABI

    the abi prism® 7900ht sequence detection system is a high-throughput real-time pcr system that detects and quantitates nucleic acid sequences.&nbs ... read more