• 2015 Peruzzo Kantpæleklipper

    $2,888 - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Peruzzo

    reflector posts cuts very suitable for mowing under fences and around fence posts. the machine can be mounted in a number of manufacturers. interrogation on what it will cost for your particular ...

  • 2016 Peruzzo Pantera Professional 1600

    $5,995 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Peruzzo
    • Hours: 0

    panther professional mower, the latest in a series of panther, a mower with a high landing in height and 220 cm in the case of lawn mowers mounted on the rear of the tractor three-point linkage and...

  • Peruzzo Scorpion 1400

    $4,622 - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Peruzzo

    effective slagleklipper suitable for john deere 1400 and 1500 series area mowers.

  • 2016 Peruzzo SCORPION 1600 HYDR.

    $4,188 - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Peruzzo

    scorpion flail 160 cm, schaffer bracket, surface mount and pressure-free return. new machine that has run few demonstrati