• 1996 Doublet-Record NS3040 COMBISÆT

    • Manufacturer: Doublet-Record

      dr combidan 3000 with nordsten nc3040 attachment machine, new saw harrow and harrow

      $5,549 (USD)
      Thisted, Denmark
    • 1990 Kuhn HR4001/NORDSTENCLP40

      • Manufacturer: Kuhn

        m / nordsten seed-saw box country: denmark | division: farm equipment

        $7,630 (USD)
        Thisted, Denmark
      • Fiona Seedcom XR 4 meter

        • Manufacturer: Fiona

          country: denmark | division: farm equipment | working width: 13.1 feet

          $4,912 (USD)
          Thisted, Denmark
        • 2004 Pöttinger 4 m rotor sæt

          • Manufacturer: Pöttinger

            disc cutters and packing wheels after harrowing hydraulic marker for vertical fiona seed saw box

            $15,043 (USD)
            Nykobing Mors, Denmark
          • 2001 Kleine 12 rækker Majssåmaskine

            • Manufacturer: Kleine

              small synchrodrive 12 rows of corn machine. with el control of saw aggregate. hydraulic up-flap. marker. 75 cm range of distance. with accord front tank for fertilizer.

              $14,546 (USD)
              Nykobing Mors, Denmark
            • 2017 Kongskilde 4m VibroCompact Slæbeplanke, Harve tænder, pakvals

              • Manufacturer: Kongskilde

                nordsten sowing machine knows everyone in denmark. factory new with combi set and 1200 liter sowing machine and after harrow. statutory light rise in the back markers hydraulic the brand new model saw a comp...

                $22,871 (USD)
                Logstor, Denmark
              • 2017 Unia FENIX 3000 6M BUGSERET SÅMASKINE

                • Manufacturer: Unia

                  unia fenix 3000 6m bugsed machine brand new introductory offerings. the fenix ​​is ​​a semi-coiled set that is designed for use in plowed soil as well as in a plow-free system. the machine works 3 zones: soi...

                  $82,915 (USD)
                  Vrå, Denmark
                • 1998 Doublet-Record COMBIDAN. NORDSTEN NS 3040

                  • Manufacturer: Doublet-Record

                    nice & regular sauce with nordsten ns3040 with agro tram 2100 rækkeafblænding as well doublet record combidan 300 with heavy duty roller behind & dragonfly for.

                    $4,451 (USD)
                    Viborg, Denmark
                  • 2009 Vaderstad RAPID 400 C

                    • Manufacturer: Väderstad
                    • Model: RAPID 400 C

                      väderstad rapid 400c country: denmark | division: farm equipment

                      $40,845 (USD)
                      Bramming, Denmark
                    • Amazone KE403 and Nordsten NS 2040 rotor set

                      • Manufacturer: Amazone

                        country: denmark | additional information: 342570 nice and regular rotor set of 4m. the rotor harrow has good wearing parts and a toothbrush roller in the rear. the drill is included: * hydr. marker * spray trac...

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                        Ribe, Denmark

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