• 2002 Amazone D9-40 Super

    $6,129 - Komárom, Hungary
    • Manufacturer: Amazone

    country: hungary | division: farm equipment | attachments: 4-tier 32-row rotech chopper mechanical d9-40 super drill for sale. 1 host, with wide tires and a monitor (which is bad). | working widt...

  • 2013 Unia IDEA 2200/3/XL

    $15,323 - Komárom, Hungary Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Unia

    country: hungary | division: farm equipment | attachments: 3m working width milling machine for sale. lightly used, 80% sanding and grooving discs, rear wickets, mechanical self-feeding, bout mar...

  • 2011 Kverneland Optima Tandem e-drive

    $40,180 - Baja, Hungary
    • Manufacturer: Kverneland

    country: hungary | division: farm equipment | working width: 17.7 feet

  • 2016 Wizard saját turbinás vákuumos precíziós palántázó

    $3,209 - Hungary
    • Manufacturer: Wizard

    model: wz-a10 technical description: -4-stroke engine maneuver with manual release -heat-tube metering unit -5 liter seed hopper -vetőtárcsa set for small seeds -talajszintező -zárókerék ...

  • 2004 Kverneland Accord MSC 3m gabonavetőgép

    $20,090 - Hungary
    • Manufacturer: 3M

    3-meter working width, towed design, 3000-liter seed hopper, disc reed cultivator, hydrostatic fan drive, pneumatic seed delivery, disc sowing coulter, 160 kg constant coulter pressure, rubber comp...

  • 2016 Sfoggia Kappa 5SC gabonavetőgép

    $11,850 - Kaposújlak, Hungary
    • Manufacturer: Sfoggia

    suspended, working width: 3 m, spacing: 12.5 cm, duplex disc cranes in 3 rows, telescopic conduit tubes with softened conductive spiral springs to prevent plugging, 680 liters stainless steel conta...

  • 2016 Pneumatikus szemenkénti aprómagvető gép Agricola,

    $8,130 - Hungary
    • Manufacturer: VAT

    carrots, vegetables, onions etc. suitable for sowing. 4 elements tridem 12 rows, 5cm coulter each, seed wheel with 90x07 disc. line spacing elements can be adjusted, the spacing can be varied on...

  • 2016 Agrofarmer Pneumatikus 4 soros kukorica vetőgép mű

    $6,847 - Tiszakécske, Hungary
    • Manufacturer: Agrofarmer
    • Number of Rows: 4

    number of rows: 4 overall length: 200 cm total height: 155 cm overall width: 300 cm distance between rows: 35-90 cm tank capacity: 190x2 l fertilizer spreader capacity: 30x4 l cardan revolut...

  • Grimme Burgonya ültető

    No price - Hungary
    • Manufacturer: Grimme

    2 and 4 rows of suspended and towed belt conveyors with disc recharger. option granulator, hydraulic tank. after the pr, please contact jános basa at our contact person: 003620 / 313-5384

  • 2016 AGRION gabona és szemenkénti vetőgépek KEDVEZŐ ÁR

    No price - Hungary
    • Manufacturer: AGRION

    agrion grain and seed drill sets still outstandingly favorable prices! cereal drum with new electric motor cutter seed drill with new mechanical granular spreader