• 2008 KOJIMA 9000 TON PRESS (FORGING) [PQ-010161]

    • Manufacturer: KOJIMA

      2008 9,000 ton kojima (japanese) hydraulic hot forging pressspecifications: -- 9,000 ton capacity -- 4-post down acting type -- 51� stoke -- 98� x 71� bed area -- 106� day light -- rolling bolster ...

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          billet cutting machine(billet shearing machine) is a kind of cold shearing machine, which is used to cut steel bar for the closed die forging production line. with plc control, automatic feeding, automatic cuttin...

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          Anyang, China
        • 1990 Kaizer V200W/1480-XW 20T Punch Press

          • Manufacturer: Kaizer
          • Stroke: 50-300/min

          ram pressure:200kn work table size:1430x900mm fixed stroke length: 28mm slider adjusting length:100mm work table clearance hole:1000x250mm clamping plate size:500-850mm stroke number:50-300/min model:v200w/1480-x...

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          Liaoning, China
        • 2006 Sanes EHW-300 300T Press

          • Manufacturer: Sanes
          • Capacity: 300 Ton
          • Stroke: 150mm

          capacity: 300 ton stroke: 150mm spm: 25 to 65 die height: 500mm slide adjust: 50mm slide area: 2200x800mm bolster area: 2200x900mm

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          Shanghai, China
        • Neagari MSN-100 100T Hydraulic Press

          • Manufacturer: Neagari
          • Capacity: 1000KN
          • Stroke: 800mm

          machine no. :no 4259-2 year of manufacture: 2004-9 max. capacity:1000kn stroke length:800mm open height: 1300mm downward speed:250mm/s pressing speed:15-25mm/s slide dimensions:1650*1150mm bolster dimensions: 180...

          $190,000 (USD)
          Liaoning, China

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