• 2012 Allu DH 3-17 Recycling- / Processing plants

    $23,603 - Skiptvet, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Allu

    weight: 2, 330 kg | ce standard: yes

  • Bone separator Sepamatic 1200 STBone separator for processing meat Capacity: 2500 kg per hour Completed with drum with 3 mm holes

    No price - Myre, Norway

      bone separator for processing meat capacity: 2500 kg per hour completed with drum with 3 mm holes print out

    • Cabinplant - Complete Canning LineRelated goodsCabinplant Roller Grader

      No price - Myre, Norway

        man. year:  condtion: "as is" the canning line is consisted of different machines connected in order to provide the perfect product quality for hansa and dingley cans. capacity: 115 cans/minute   t...

      • 1991 Cabinplant Roller Grader

        No price - Myre, Norway

          roller grader cabinplant man. year: 1991 condition: good 12 rollers roller length: 3 m 6 lines completed with infeed shaker (above the grader) capacity: 12-15 tons/hour  on mackerel, capacity: 10-1...

        • 2000 Waldyssa Automac 33 stretch film packing machine

          No price - Myre, Norway

            man. year: 2000 condition: very good     the machine is designed for packing a product on a substrate into stretch film. completed with weighting and labeling device bizerba gv. waldyssa automac 33...

          • 1993 SAB 163 MK 2 Compressor unit

            No price - Myre, Norway

              man. year: 1993 condition: good, working screw compressor unit on base of sab 163 mk 2 compressor refrigerant: r22 max. operating pressure: 26 bar test pressure: 34 bar max. operating temperature: ...

            • 2000 Mycom piston compressor

              No price - Myre, Norway

                man. year: 2000 condition: working this compressor is designed to operate with natural refrigerants (nh3, co2, hydrocarbons) hfc's (r507, r404a, r134a, etc. ) and cfc's and is suitable for cooling,...

              • 2004 Grasso G3 - Screw PackRelated goods

                No price - Myre, Norway

                  man. year: 2004 condition: working capacity of the evaporation -26о c is about 200 kw motors power of 75 kw x 2 the control grasso gsc controller performance from 0% to 100% included: -oil separato...

                • 1996 Compressor Bitzer 4N

                  No price - Myre, Norway
                  • Manufacturer: Bitzer

                  3 machines man. year: 1996-2004 condition: very good cooling capacity: 93 kw / 27 tons type of refrigerant: r507 / all voltage: 400 v  absorbed power: 28 kw  central switch-board, central suction m...

                • 1999 Compressor station MTK/Howden

                  No price - Myre, Norway

                    man. year: 1999 freezing capacity: 180 kw freon completed with water condenser print out