• 2016 Pronar KCT07

    $6,473 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Pronar

    kct07 is a suspended plate spreader for mounting on smaller tractors, tool carriers and the like. it is perfect for straining of sand and salt on bike paths, parking spaces, etc. the material is ...

  • Pronar HPT 40

    $30,027 - Kurikka, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Pronar

    introduction taking !! ready for the hook surfaces pronar sand / salt spreader sand volume of about 6m3 the salt solution volume 1,8m3 automatic control / volume adjusting driving speed (rexroth) m...

  • 2016 Pronar PUV-3300M

    $5,384 - Vimpeli, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Pronar

    3 plow in one package! additional information: through us you can get all pronar products, ask for the sale.

  • Pronar PUV-3300M

    $5,661 - Virrat, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Pronar

    pronar snowploughs import puv-3300m: the maximum working width of 3305 minimum working width 2570 weight about 870kg standard 12 or 24 in an electrical block 2 move, powered by a single hydraulic l...

  • Pronar PUV-4000HD

    $8,744 - Virrat, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Pronar

    pronar snowploughs import puv-4000hd: weight 1270kg optional attachment, e.g. three point attachment, or the euro volvo standard 12 or 24 in an electrical block 2 move, powered by a single hydrauli...

  • 2016 Pronar T131

    $15,824 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Pronar

    professional spreader for sand and salt. suitable for smaller roads, cycle paths and parking places and the like. the material is transported to the plate spreaders with a rubber band drawn by th...

  • Pronar EPT 15 Ladspreder

    $7,178 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Pronar

    so it now snows !!! we have small masses of snowflowers and salespresters on storage for immediate delivery be this new speaker pronar ept15 is a sand / salt sprayer designed for mounting on sma...

  • 2016 Pronar HZS10

    $9,350 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Pronar

    self-loading plate spreader designed for the tractor's three-point suspension (cat. 2). the machine is hydraulically pulled and requires an oil amount of approx. 40 l. standard equipment: - sel...

  • 2016 Pronar PU 2600

    $4,531 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Pronar
    • Model: PU 2600

    offer! guiding. retail price: 35,000 dkk this is a powerful snowplow for mounting on the tractor frontlift. it is designed for tractor sizes from approx. 80-150 hp. supplied as standard with ...

  • 2016 Pronar PUV 3000

    $4,287 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Pronar

    offer! guiding. retail price: 33,800 dkk this series of snow plows is designed for the slightly larger tractors from approx. 60-130 hp. this plow can be set for either side, tip or u-plow. th...