• 2005 Razol TGX 36D

    • Manufacturer: Razol

      long manual folding, rear roller with hydraulic support and folding, hydraulic boom height adjustment, wide tires, 550mm front discs, 620mm rear discs, good condition.

      $7,413 (USD)
      Mormant, France
    • 1992 Razol ARAMIX

      • Manufacturer: Razol
      • Model: ARAMIX
      • Working Width: 4,00

      1- working width (m): 4,00 2-transport width (m): 4,00 3-security: non-stop mechanical 4-folding: no 5-carriage: door 12-general state: good condition 17-first hand: no

      $2,511 (USD)
      Saint-Germain-du-Puy, France
    • 2006 Razol STL Stubble cultivator

      • Manufacturer: Razol

        stubble cultivator razol with discs and roller width: 1.5 m | condition info: good condition | approximate year: yes

        No price
        Nonancourt, France
      • RAZOL ARAPLOW sub soiler rape drill

        • Manufacturer: Razol

          razol araplow sub soiler, rape drill 3.5 metre working width. designed to lift the soil minimizing damaging/disturbance to the soil structure. low hp requirement compared to other subsoilers. can also be used as ...

          No price
          Hellidon, United Kingdom
        • 2010 Razol RJH2 brona talerzowa z wałami zagniatającymi

          • Manufacturer: Razol

            razor disc razol rjh.2, state of the ideal frame, the state of talks - how to see on pictures, hydraulic brakes, shaft width 3.6 meters, folding hydraulically, lifted hydraulically, not messed up! selling...

            $5,665 (USD)
            Wiele, Poland
          • 1995 Razol ARAMIX

            • Manufacturer: Razol
            • Model: ARAMIX

              9 right teeth on 2 rows - rubber tube diameter 400 mm

              $3,418 (USD)
              Saint-Loup, France
            • 2002 Razol STS CT3R

              • Manufacturer: Razol

                type: stubble cultivator | width: 3.9 | folding: hydraulic

                $2,073 (USD)
                Chauvoncourt, France
              • 2012 Razol ARAMULCH-ADM-8 szárnyas késes lazító

                • Manufacturer: Razol

                  description year-end action to begin stock! vektor-holding kft. offers discounted prices for presenting and used machines in its stock. for machines, it offers the same quality but more affordable wear parts t...

                  $12,035 (USD)
                • 2012 Egyéb Razol Makila-MAKS4 félig függ. kultivátor

                  • Manufacturer: Razol

                    description hydraulically folded semi-suspended field cultivator. 15 caps, 3 capsules, frame height 80.5 cm, spacers 270 mm, weight 3480 kg. power demand 150-300 hp. approx, side baffle pair, mulcher wing tip...

                    $25,505 (USD)
                  • 2003 Razol OCTOMATIC

                    • Manufacturer: Razol
                    • Working Width: 5.90 m

                    coupled: semi-mounted; number-of-discs: 52 disks 52 discs in good condition 3 rows of harrows rear combs transport width 3.50 meters hydraulic folding

                    $12,028 (USD)
                    Varois-et-Chaignot, France

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