• Samasz PSV301G

    $4,297 - Gebrauchtmaschine, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    samasz schneeschild 3m working width with rubber scraper kat ii psv frame

  • 2016 Samasz City 200

    $3,045 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    samasz city 150 is a superb nice little combination snow plow for compact tractors, loaders and the like. this is the minimum range of the combi plows, which have a working width of as little as 1...

  • 2016 Samasz Olimp 300

    $8,637 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    olimp is the biggest series of combination plows and is recommended for the big tractors, loaders etc. olimp plows comes standard with 3-point suspension, but can also be retrofitted with a multit...

  • 2016 Samasz Sand-600

    $2,479 - Vrå, Denmark Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    samasz salt spreader has, as the only one of our spreaders, a small rubber belt that transports the material from the container and out to spread the plate. this makes the spreader handles all typ...

  • 2016 Samasz Lite 150

    $2,167 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    samasz lite 150 is designed for small compact tractors, tool carriers like. fitted with a-frame cat. municipal standard equipment: - rubber cut 30 mm - spring suspended glow - liquid a-frame ...

  • 2016 Samasz Power 330

    $6,734 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    power 330 is a newly developed side plow from samasz. the plow is designed for large amounts of snow, and has a very high sheen and a superstructure which minimizes blowing snow up to the tractor....

  • 2016 Samasz PSV 201

    $3,440 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    samasz psv 201 is a very strong snowplow to the big and little heavier compact tractors and slightly larger skid. this plow comes standard with heavy rubber inserts also are 3-point hilt floating ...

  • 2016 Samasz AlpS 401

    $9,340 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    this series snow plows are designed for the larger tractors from approximately hk 100-200, and it can be provided to either side, peak or u-plow. strong springs ensure that the 4 separate 50 mm r...

  • 2016 Samasz Storm 300

    $5,695 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    samasz storm is a brand new series of side plows where the general mounted edges are replaced with a hydraulic release system which means that the right and left side of the cutter can trigger 90 d...

  • 2016 Samasz Tornado

    $10,048 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    samasz tornado snefræser. 2,50 mtr, til både front- og bagmontering samasz tornado er en ”heavy duty” snefræser. maskinen kan både front- og bagmonteres og er som standard monteret med 3-punktsophæ...