• Band saw, plate 67x53cm.

    $1,713 - Hobro, Denmark

      bandsaw. plate goals length: 67cm width: 53cm. height: 107cm.

    • Berba Bandsaw

      $3,712 - Hobro, Denmark

        berba bandsaw. stainless steel, 500mm from the blade to the edge, free height 45cm, trolley, 380v.

      • BM. Bandsaw with chain feeding.

        $3,998 - Hobro, Denmark

          bm. bandsaw with chain feeder, stainless steel chain, 380v.

        • Berba Bandsaw no. 2

          $3,427 - Hobro, Denmark

            berba bandsaw no. 2. dimensions of plate length: 203,5cm. width: 100cm. height up to the plate: 95cm. from mast to blade: 85cm. from plate and up blade supports: 25cm.

          • Berba Bandsaw no. 1

            $3,998 - Hobro, Denmark

              model: berba bandsaw no. 1st from mast to blade: 83cm. from rolls to top: 50cm. dimensions of plate: length: 144cm. width: 130cm. height: 92cm. 2 pcs. in stock. price is pr. pcs.

            • Bandsaw with 4 new blades

              $2,784 - Hobro, Denmark

                bandsaw of 4. new blades. country objectives: length: 68cm. width: 67cm. height: 90cm. total goals: 68x67x170cm. sbp.

              • 2003 ACM BS940

                No price - Vejle, Denmark
                • Manufacturer: ACM

                acm re-bandsaw bs 940 bx7wh3nv equipped with self centering feeding device, and hydraulic in-feed unit.

              • 2003 SCM Prisma 65

                No price - Vejle, Denmark
                • Manufacturer: SCM

                scm prisa panel saw cutting length 4500 mm. cutting width 4000 mm. l2vzz cutting height 65 mm.

              • Pegas Gonda band saws SHI

                $6,116 - Thisted, Denmark Recently Added

                  type shi is semi-automatic saws with hydraulic operation. the models have gearingssavning up to 60 degree bevel on the right and 60 degrees to the left after start closing the vise automatically ar...

                • Manual band saw MAN-R

                  $2,029 - Thisted, Denmark
                  • Manufacturer: MAN

                  manual band saws with bevel 0-60 degrees to the right gearing angle changed during quick loosening and tightening the saw arch. the saw is suitable for the production of single pieces and small ser...