• Robinson EOT Mitre crosscut saw

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Robinson

    heavy duty mitre crosscut saw. 3 phase. 7,5kw. 500mm sawblade. easy to setup for different angles gyjuqlcbuzd

  • 2008 Forma DZ4-450 Multirip saw for length cutting

    No price - Harju County, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Forma

    multirip saw with 4 programmable blades, max cutting height 80 mm width 650 mm for edged or unedged boards, ideal for pallet board production, including infeed-outfeed conveyors with side move

  • 2001 System Tm Optikap 100 Optimization saw Tm, Not grecon, weinig

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Weinig

    system tm opti-kap 100, with new computer, servodrive, and encoder servo driven bottom feed rollers, 5 pcs heavy duty top pressure rollers, 5 pcs optimizing – length optimization with up to 8 quali...

  • 1995 Waco Lamell 130 Multirip saw

    No price - Harju County, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Waco

    multiripsaw with cutting height 130 mm width 400 mm main el.motor 55 kw with infeed-outfeed conveyors

  • 2007 TigerStop 6.8 Ver. 5.3 Pushfeed saw

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: TigerStop 6 8

    brand new in feed table 6.8m and out feed table 3m. pusher is upgraded from ver. 4.7 year 2007 to ver. 5.3 2014. with new control and main board saw is a stromab year 2002 with saw up to Ø600mm hyd...

  • 2000 Stenner VHE and VHM 36 Resaw

    $4,763 - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Stenner

    band wheel diameter 915 mm maximum saw blade width 100 mm four feed speeds up to 60 m/min saw to fence capacity 230 mm height under guides 405 mm 3 phase 15 kw motor hydraulic centering system on v...

  • 1999 WACO Waco BKL Twin bandsaw

    No price - Harju County, Estonia Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Waco

    twin bandsaw with mechanization, destacker, infeed, outfeed, manual stacking

  • Robinson EF/T 36 Resaw

    No price - Kehra, Estonia Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Robinson

    36" dia. wheels, 100mm (4"), wide blade, main motor 15kw, tilting roller fence assembly, auto dc brake. 415v/3ph/50hz. multi roller fence can offer as tandem configuration also if needed video of s...

  • 2005 SYSTEM TM Optikap 3002 / OPTISTACK3000 DEFECT MARKING

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: SEC
    • Motor: 9 kw (12 hP)

    linе consist of automatic infeed system, older version. marking station, optikap 3002 sorting belt with 5 optistack3000 see pdf.file for layout and more info the opti-kap 3000 series is a heavy dut...

  • TALLERES CANCIO MC1100 Bandsaw headrig

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: TALLERES CANCIO
    • Motor: 3,250
    • Weight: 3,250

    includes headrig saw, carriage, log infeed conveyors, log handling crane, crosscuts and outfeed. bruks rr1000 but reducer diameter of wheels: 1,410 wide maximum steering wheels: 150 maximum height ...