• Schleicher Double mitre saw

    No price - Gradenfeld, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Schleicher

    pneumatically working double mitre saws for wood and aluminum-coated bars of all kinds. extremely low-noise operation at high working speeds

  • 1992 SCHLEICHER SVFB 3000 K Doppelgehrungsäge with Bohragreggaten

    No price - Berlin, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Schleicher

    doppelgehrungsäge with bohragreggaten schleicher type svfb 3000 k

  • 1988 SCHLEICHER MODELL 09 Double miter saw

    $2,540 - Langenbach, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Schleicher

    schleicher model 09 for wood and aluminum saw blade diameter 350 mm, bore 30 mm cutting height: at the anschlaseite (outside) 180 mm cutting height:. on the rebate side (inside) 110 mm cutting widt...