• 2006 Sisu SISU WINNIE

    $3,739 - Helsinki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    winnie sisu restoration! the last time i was moved, so moved on their own.

  • 1976 Sisu SISU Jyry-R-141 BPT

    $9,024 - Rovaniemi, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    in this sisu man's / woman's dream jyry! these have not made the 4-5 pcs sammutusautoiksi, this individual had in lapland tornio to new and in good condition is true. externally, the original insid...

  • Sisu 127 1980 SB MULTI SISU Rosterikori

    $4,270 - Pomarkku, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    valmet mahuri engine and allison automatic. the machine vesivikkaa. visit and passes. new for abroad, this must not from us! purchase - sale - shift

  • Sisu Teliveto

    $6,489 - Hyvinkää, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    sisu sold teliveto axle package, had a working machine in place. phillips and-axle locks are working.

  • 1996 Sisu E14

    $22,248 - Rovaniemi, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    -telivetävä -tosihyvä lift + yläperälauta -new tires, valve block, the spring stack, etc etc..

  • 2008 Sisu R500

    $72,837 - Oulu, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu
    • Model: R500

    municipal cars to work right away, sisuja r500 3pcs (8x2,8x4), scania r470 (8x2). all th complete accessories + pages of the grooves. for all the 3-aks kasettipv.2kpl euro3, euro4 2p. price from, t...

  • 1977 Sisu Kontio

    $4,539 - Lapua, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    a good fire engine, cam pump 2100 l tank, was in lapland, these begins to be rare, especially good.

  • 1980 Sisu bear

    $6,555 - Lapua, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    sold in good condition and low mileage tanker fire engine. 6700-liter tank. fire pump will go by but is not assembled. in front of a heavy-duty winch. good though museointiin.

  • 1997 Sisu E 14

    $17,888 - Evijärvi, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    good condition, the nearly new tires and a new switch on the go. roadworthiness tests last fall. calls 0400-341702

  • 1982 Sisu Rivet Bout

    $8,437 - Oulainen, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    - material nittikoppi sisu metsäkoneritilällä transfer machine - good condition sturdy grille, take the additional weight jenkin search - load capacity 14000kg - stamping up to 5/2017 - sisu cab ty...