• 2016 Kellfri 5 tonn

    • Manufacturer: Kellfri

      we have a condition as we sell at this price previously assembly and registered with correspondents and beverages for pressening. 5 ton twisted rigid tipping trailer with double frame ° load capacity 5 tonnes ...

      Vartdal, Norway
    • 2016 Junkkari J5 - J10 - J10D

      • Manufacturer: Junkkari

        new hangers in stock, ready for delivery. junkkari j5 5 tonnes junkkari j10 10 tonnes junkkari j10d dump trailer 10 tonnes with hyd backrest from 45000, - ex vat

        Ørsta, Norway
      • 2011 Orkel TX100 TX100

        • Manufacturer: Orkel

          orkel tx100 light dumper hanging is new 505 / 50r17 tire backlight and marker lights

          Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

          • Manufacturer: Kel-berg

            special trailers for transport of eg cranes or other constructions that require similar anchoring. kel-berg undercarriage and bodywork from vang. own engine for operation of hydraulics for entry / exit of bumps...

            Bergen, Norway
          • 2013 Foss-Eik Forsterket 12LD

            • Manufacturer: Foss-Eik

              reinforced 12ton lightweight trucks 450x240x60 plan 8mm bottom and 6mm sides hardox 500 / 50r17 "wheels interior scouring hooks strølem (not in picture) the spring pulls hydraulically grille in front 2 to...

              Rogaland, Norway
            • 2010 Bailey 10 tonn dumper

              • Manufacturer: Bailey

                bailey 10 tons dumps in good condition eiksenteret haugesund

                Rogaland, Norway
              • 2015 Richard Western WF12DL 50km/t

                • Manufacturer: Western

                  powerful 12 ton high speed dumps with a lot of equipment 12 tons of payload large wheels 560 / 45r22.5 country king the feather pull spring bowl combined air and hydraulic brakes cool hook straw and fasten...

                  Rogaland, Norway
                • 2013 Stronga DL600 luft/hyd brems

                  • Manufacturer: Stronga

                    straighten and fine fit high quality hinges fjørboggi, load-sensing brakes, both for compressed air and hydraulic strølem is included great quality, which is a dream to drive, stable and with good damping. fa...

                    Øvre Vats, Norway
                  • 2016 Junkkari J16

                    • Manufacturer: Junkkari

                      junkkari j16 hangs newest 15350kg volume of grain box 19,2m3 volume of grass carcasses 34m3 brakes on all wheels nokian country king 650 / 50r22.5 fjøra drag hydraulic tailgate

                      Rogaland, Norway
                    • 2011 Agrar Leon 352

                      • Manufacturer: Agrar

                        nicely used pickup truck! agrar leon 352 sold to customer in 2013 only used in 3 seasons 2013-2015 specific gravity: 4200 kg 35 cubic 35pcs knives / that you swing on left side for possible slipping or sw...

                        Rogaland, Norway