• 2013 Stronga DL600 luft/hyd brems

    • Manufacturer: Stronga

      straighten and fine-fit high quality hinges fjørboggi, load-sensing brakes, both for compressed air and hydraulic strølem is included affordable quality that is a dream to drive, stable and with good damping. ...

      $23,101 (USD)
      Øvre Vats, Norway
    • 2015 Multimax 1075 Boro

      • Manufacturer: Multimax

        laangang trailers, for sale for customer country: norway | division: farm equipment

        $6,208 (USD)
        Øvre Vats, Norway
      • 2017 Chieftain Dumper -10 tonns

        • Manufacturer: Chieftain

          new chieftain dumper with 10.1 ton payload permitted total weight 14 tonnes wheels 385 / 65r22,5 brake on all 4 wheels interior dimensions: l = 395cm, b = 240cm, h = 55cm springy dragon hydraulic tailgate ...

          $15,397 (USD)
          Undheim, Norway
        • 2008 Närko Slepevogn

          • Manufacturer: Närko

            country: norway

            $11,795 (USD)
            Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
          • 2006 Kraker semitralle, walking floor, hevbart tak

            • Manufacturer: Kraker

              country: norway

              $14,899 (USD)
              Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
            • 2006 Maur bilpåbygg Kapell/Tipp

              • Manufacturer: Maur

                the hanger must be in good standing, please call for more info.

                $9,312 (USD)
              • 2017 MST Karlavagnen

                • Manufacturer: MST

                  new mst karlavagnen timber trailers are sold. 6 banks. helluft in stock. call for more information.

                  No price
                • 1998 Foss-Eik 10 tons

                  • Manufacturer: Foss-Eik

                    foss-eik 10 tons dumper trailer for sale. follows with strølem and extra rims and tires. 10 tons of payload. hangers are in good condition. sold for customer.

                    $7,758 (USD)
                    Marnardal, Norway
                  • 2001 Foss-Eik 16 tons

                    • Manufacturer: Foss-Eik

                      foss-eik dumperhenger for sale. hardox at checkout. muted drag. strølem. interior scouring hooks. very good deck. newest 15650kg. the hanger is in very good condition. contact us for more info.

                      $15,520 (USD)
                      Marnardal, Norway
                    • 2016 Orkel T85

                      • Manufacturer: Orkel

                        traktortilhenger t85 country: norway | division: farm equipment

                        $8,567 (USD)
                        Nordland, Norway

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