• 1998 Techno Washino LG-6 CNC Lathe (Gang Plate)

    No price - Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Washino

    fanuc 0-t swing over bed:φ400 spindle edge:no.40,movement amount of the cross table(z-axis):275 movement amount of the crossfeed slide(x-axis):300

  • 2008 Washino GG-5 CNC Lathe

    No price - Osaka, Japan Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Washino

    fanuc-18itb max. swing:φ250 workpiece size:φ50*40 s(x*z):200*220 4 inch 3-jaw air chuck:2 units gang type tool post(6 pcs.):2 units gantry loader parts feeder belt conveyor chip conveyor

  • 2004 Washino JD-1 CNC Lathe

    No price - Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Washino

    cnc lathe swiss type+bar feed control fanuc 21i country: thailand | accessories: bar feed 3 meters, tank | machine name: cnc lathe | request code: m13w03cn01

  • 1999 Washino G6-P CNC Lathe

    No price - Saitama, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Washino
    • Spindle Bore: 18mm

    fanuc-s21ita dia:400mm spindle bore:18mm 8000rpm x300*z285mm

  • 2004 WASHINO LR-55A

    No price - Tokigawa, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Washino
  • 1975 WASHINO LR-55A

    No price - Shibata-shi, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Washino