• Wandel Goltermann DA-360 ATM Internetwork Analyzer

    No price - Elgin, IL
    • Manufacturer: ATM

    acterna/ttc/jdsu/wg (wandel goltermann) da-360 dominoplus is a small, portable, network analysis instrument that, when combined with interface modules, a personal computer, and associated software,...

  • AGILENT 37717C Communications Performance Analyzer, SDH/PDH/ATM Test Set

    $3,850 - Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    the hp 37717c communications performance analyzer is rugged and portable, it allows full functional testing of sdh, pdh and atm equipment, including jitter generation and measurement. it has a colo...

  • ANRITSU MP1570A SONET/SDH/PDH/ATM Analyzer Mainframe

    $10,000 - Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Anritsu

    the anritsu mp1570a sonet/sdh/pdh/atm analyzer mainframe is designed for development, manufacturing, construction, maintenance, and inspection of sdh, sonet, pdh, and atm equipment and networks. a ...

  • Used- Delaval/ATM Mark III 48" x 24" Perforated basket centrifuge curb housing, Perforated basket, plow blade arm with blade.

    No price - Bensenville, IL
    • Manufacturer: ATM

    47754 used- delaval/atm mark iii 48" x 24" perforated basket centrifuge curb housing, perforated basket, plow blade arm with blade.

  • Hockmeyer S-HGSM-7.5 S-HCSM-7.5 Dual Shaft Disperser, S/S

    No price - Cleveland, OH
    • Manufacturer: ATM

    used hockmeyer dual shaft disperser, model s-hgsm-7.5, stainless steel construction, approximately 15 gallon jacketed mixing vessel, approximately 17" diameter x 16" straight side, dish bottom, anc...

  • 1989 Stronghold British Federal Pneumatic Press Type Spot Welder, Capacity 100 KVA

    No price - Warren, MI
    • Manufacturer: Capacity
    • Capacity: 100 KVA

    specifications: output: 100 kva @ 50% duty cycle throat depth: 23” maximum pressure: 700 kgf ar 5.6 atms control: micropak 8 equipped with: pneumatic controls with flr unit portable foot pedal micr...


    No price - Longmont, CO Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Leybold

    ultratest, leybold-heraeus, no. m2, m2ds, m2by, helium leak detector leybold-heraeus, #wau500/d90a, verti pump system also available at additional cost, ask about package pricing!!! equipped with (...

  • 585V-100726 Vessels

    No price - Houston, TX

      one (1) surplus vessel; 250 gallons; 40" x 3'-05"; vertical; 304l ss; wt: 1600; atm. press @ 500f; mfg. a.p.v. crepaco; 1983; legs support; sn:c-9739; nb: 5495; (sanitary?).

    • 741-1051 Vessels

      No price - Houston, TX

        one (1) surplus tank; 72" x 6-0"; vertical; ss; atm press; slight dish bottom; four (4) cs pipe legs support; flat welded top.

      • MW-0327 Vessels

        No price - Houston, TX

          one (1) used; surplus tank; fiberglass; 120" x 17'-0"; vertical; atm pressure; slightly domed top; flat bottom; 24" manway on top; 3" top center nozzle; 3" side nozzle near bottom. with side...