• Hitachi S4500 SEM FEG

    $75,000 - Beaverton, OR
    • Manufacturer: Hitachi

    the hitachi s4500 feg sem is a premier imager and still desirable in the marketplace today. for sale is one refurbished 4500. install is not ... read more

  • Hitachi S-4500 SEM with EDX

    $75,000 - San Jose, CA
    • Manufacturer: Hitachi

    fully operational, recently serviced. refurbished hitachi s-4500 with edx scanning electron system (type ii) configuration: refurbi ... read more

  • Zeiss EVO 50 SEM with Oxford EDS

    $60,000 - Tustin, CA
    • Manufacturer: Zeiss

    the zeiss evo 50 is an easy to use, powerful sem. designed to have an easy to understand workflow and powerful automated features, it can be operated ... read more

  • Hitachi S-4800-II FE-SEM

    $220,000 - Tustin, CA
    • Manufacturer: Hitachi

    the hitachi s-4800-ii is a field emission sem that excels at ultra high resolution scanning. it is equipped with a 5-axis motorized stage and a user-f ... read more

  • Hitachi 3000H SEM Scanning Electron Microscope

    $22,000 - Beaverton, OR
    • Manufacturer: Hitachi

    the s-3000h is a conventional high vacuum sem with win os gui. the hitachi 3000h has been designed to provide exceptional ease-of-use and expansi ... read more

  • HItachi S-2400 SEM (Scanning Electron

    $42,000 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Hitachi

    hitachi s-2400 sem (scanning electron microscope) the hitachi s-2400 is a high resolution scanning electron microscope. it is equipped with link isis energy dispersive x- ray analyser for quantitat...

  • Applied Materials VeraSEM 3D Automated CD-SEM Metrology System

    $295,000 - Scottsdale, AZ
    • Manufacturer: Applied Materials

    system is operational and available for demo: wafer specification wafer size: 200mm wafer shape: snnf (semi notch no flat) wafer cassette ... read more

  • FEI Company Nova NanoLab 600 Dual Beam

    $200,000 - Tustin, CA
    • Manufacturer: International

    this fei nova nanolab 600 is equipped with a dual beam fib/fe-sem. it's high resolution is perfect for high quality images with increased throughp ... read more

  • JEOL JSM-6330F Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

    $4,250 - Lutz, FL
    • Manufacturer: JEOL

    jeol jsm-6330f field emission scanning electron microscope condition/details: this unit is from the university of florida, college of engineering. it was purchased in 2000 for $300,000 (see photo f...

  • JEOL JSM-5800 Scanning Electron Microscope

    No price - Arcade, NY
    • Manufacturer: JEOL

    includes: complete and working jeol jsm-5800 acceleration voltage: 0.3 - 3kv ( 100v steps), 3 - 30 kv (1kv steps) electron gun: w filament. working distance: 8 – 48 mm. high-resolution imaging (3.5...