• HItachi S-2400 SEM (Scanning Electron

    $42,000 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Hitachi

    hitachi s-2400 sem (scanning electron microscope) the hitachi s-2400 is a high resolution scanning electron microscope. it is equipped with link isis energy dispersive x- ray analyser for quantitat...

  • Hitachi Phenom Table Top SEM

    $32,000 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Hitachi

    hitachi phenom table top sem opts: installation, training, warranty and service... in stock option: installation, training, warranty and service available. systems can be custom configured per orde...

  • FEI Company Nova NanoSEM 230 FE-SEM

    $220,000 - Tustin, CA
    • Manufacturer: FEI Company

    the nova nanosem 230 is a field emisssion sem with an integrated chamber scope and is equipped with a helix detector. great instrument for low vacuum ... read more

  • Hitachi S-4800-II FE-SEM

    $220,000 - Tustin, CA
    • Manufacturer: Hitachi

    the hitachi s-4800-ii is a field emission sem that excels at ultra high resolution scanning. it is equipped with a 5-axis motorized stage and a user-f ... read more

  • 1996 Roger SEM

    $1,583 - La Rochette, France
    • Manufacturer: Roger

    drill disc 15 rows commercial with an recovery: patrice delaye: 06 08 69 98 17


    $3,695 - Verdun, France

      available: yes


      $9,713 - Verdun, France
      • Manufacturer: Amazone
    • 1993 Horsch SEM EXACT

      $5,067 - Bouville, France Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Horsch
    • Hitachi S-4700-II [PRICE REDUCED] SEM with Oxford EDS

      $120,000 - Tustin, CA
      • Manufacturer: Hitachi

      hitachi s-4700-ii is a cold field emission gun scanning electron microscope (cfe-sem), it combines the versatility of pc control with a novel electron ... read more

    • Pottinger Terre-Sem 4000 T

      $28,537 - Horsens, Denmark
      • Manufacturer: Pöttinger

      drills with disc and skivesåmaskine glow type: skiveskær | working width in cm: 400 | discharge system (type): pneumatic