• Elevator E.089. Length 665cm.

    $4,110 - Hobro, Denmark Recently Added

      elevator e.089. length: 665cm. width: 36cm. access: 95cm. departure: 150cm. with brings: 7cm. sir.

    • SOCO tape machine, Type T-400th

      $1,394 - Hobro, Denmark Recently Added

        soco tape machine. type: t-400th max box size: width: 39cm. height: 47cm. roller conveyor length: 110cm. tape dispencere included. sir.

      • Double conveyor belt. Length 529cm.

        $4,110 - Hobro, Denmark Recently Added

          double conveyor belt. length: lower band: 529cm. - upper band: 515cm. width: lower band: 35cm. - upper band: 30cm. height: lower band: 66cm. - upper band: 103cm. sir.

        • Thorsted, type KP600 / 250 film with shrink tunnel feature.

          $2,862 - Hobro, Denmark

            thorsted, type kp600 / 250 with foil elements. band dimensions: length: 390cm. width: 60cm. opening: width: 60cm. height: 28cm. welding jaws dimensions: width: 60cm. max height: 23cm. sir.

          • Stainless SOCO T-10 tape machine.

            $2,862 - Hobro, Denmark

              stainless soco t-10 tape machine having above and below the tape. max box dimensions: width: 45cm. height: 48cm. sir.

            • Conveyor T.141. 90 ° swivel with wire ties.

              $5,578 - Hobro, Denmark

                conveyor t.141. 90 ° swivel with wire ties. length: 155cm. width: 155cm. height: 85cm. between masks: length: 90mm. width: 15mm. sir.

              • Elevator E.084. Length 550cm.

                $5,578 - Hobro, Denmark

                  elevator e.084. length: 550cm. width: 34cm. access: 70cm. departure: 210cm. with brings: 3.5cm. sir.

                • Elevator E.085. Length 200cm.

                  $2,862 - Hobro, Denmark

                    elevator e.085. length: 200cm. width: 27cm. access: 26cm. departure: 120cm. with brings: 5cm. faer

                  • Elevator E.083 Length 10500cm.

                    $6,165 - Hobro, Denmark

                      elevator e.083. band dimensions: length: 10500cm. width: 16cm. access: 23cm. / adjustable height. departure: 300cm. with brings: 8cm. sir.

                    • Conveyor T.140. 180graders swing.

                      $7,046 - Hobro, Denmark

                        180 degree swing carriage. t.140. length: 405cm. width: 230cm. band width: 33cm. access: 45cm. departure: 115cm. sir.