• Detectronic metal detector Type D502-420

    $3,192 - Hobro, Denmark

      detectronic metal detector. type: d502-420. search opening: width: 31cm. height: 16cm. tape length: 160cm. noer.

    • Metal detector with checkweigher. EIA Type THS / 3F

      $4,062 - Hobro, Denmark

        metal detector with checkweigher. eia. type ths / 3f. search opening: width: 45cm. height: 16cm. tape measures: length: 236cm. width: 39cm. height: 98cm. noer.

      • Elevator E.080 Carsø Type TB1700 Length 170cm.

        $1,088 - Hobro, Denmark

          carsø tb1700 elevator e.080. length: 170cm. width: 24cm. access: 50cm. departure: 95cm. / adjustable. with brings: 1cm. delå.

        • Conveyor T.136 with 90graders swing Length 215cm

          $4,062 - Hobro, Denmark

            conveyor, 90 degree turn, t.136. length: 215cm. belt width: 29,5cm. width: 105cm. height: 120cm. delå.

          • Conveyor T.135 Length 550cm.

            $4,062 - Hobro, Denmark

              conveyor t.135. length: 550cm. width: 30cm. height: 108cm. adjustable leg. delå.

            • Conveyor T.138 Length 147cm.

              $1,741 - Hobro, Denmark

                conveyor t.138. length: 147cm. width: 54cm. height: 68cm. / adjustable. defc.

              • Conveyor T.010 Length 165cm.

                $1,741 - Hobro, Denmark
                • Manufacturer: HGM Hoejgaarden maskiner

                conveyor t.010. length: 165cm. width: 70cm. height: 95cm.

              • Multivac hot plate to deep rows.

                $2,176 - Hobro, Denmark
                • Manufacturer: Multivac

                multivac hot plate to deep rows. length: 657mm. width: 386mm. height: 40mm. more on stock.

              • Cabinplant lågtiltrykker Ø30cm.

                $4,643 - Hobro, Denmark

                  cabinplant lågtiltrykker. max buckets objectives: length: 50cm. width: 30cm. height: 30cm. total goals: length: 146cm. width: 90cm. height: 160cm. auspici.

                • Elevator E.082. Længde490cm.

                  $4,062 - Hobro, Denmark
                  • Manufacturer: X-STEEL

                  elevator e.082. length: 490cm. width: 31cm. with brings: 5cm. delå.